About us

RUBANTRANS LTD is a transport and logistics company that has existed since 2000 and specializes in the transportation of liquid bulk cargoes.

Since March 29, 2001 the company is a full member of the Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine (AsMAP of Ukraine) – registration number 11134.

We have a license from the State Inspectorate of Ukraine for Safety in Land Transport for carrying out economic activities for the provision of services for the transport of passengers and dangerous goods by road under No. 266956 of the AE series, the validity of which is not limited. License issued September 17, 2013.

Our company is a serious participant in the freight transportation market and already has a reputation as a reliable and stable partner. Experience in export activities is 20 years. We deliver goods to European countries.

RUBANTRANS LTD has a very good fleet of vehicles: 24 trucks with a cargo capacity of 24 tons and 24 tanks are certified, most of which are from 2015-2018 year of manufacture.

We do the best to become the best company in freight transport: we have our own facilities for repair and maintenance of trucks and tanks, we have our own cleaning station. The company’s staff with a high level of professionalism, drivers are constantly improving their professional level, as evidenced by the relevant approvals and certificates.

We are committed to long-term cooperation.

We hope that you will be our client, and our transport and logistics services will contribute to the development of your business!